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Company History

Smart Buy Depilève goes as far back as 1987 in the South African market for beauty salon products that offer consistent quality at truly competitive prices.

Since those early years, the company has steadily grown to become one of the main players in the Southern African beauty indus- try. Smart Buy’s mission statement is simple: To offer a comprehensive range of state of the art, high-quality Salon and Spa products and equipment, with training and service to match. The heart of Smart Buy has remained a tightly knit team of dedicated people who have their fingers firmly on the pulse of dynamics and trends in the world of beauty.

Our flagship product, Depilève, has become a household name in Southern Africa, with most salons stating the range as their hair removal system of choice.

Thanks to the fact that each and every one of our area managers are expertly trained somatologists, Smart Buy has obtained a reputation for professionalism that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Smart Buy has been awarded Supplier of the Year at the Professional Beauty Trade Show in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2018.

If you are a Beauty Salon or Spa owner or product buyer, use this site to browse for our full range of products and order directly from 011 888 9044.

Remember, Smart Buy sells products for professional salon use only, which means we deal directly with the Beauty Industry. Unfortunately, we cannot accept orders from the general public.

Smart Buy does not sell directly to the public.

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The Smart Buy Team

At Smart Buy, we prefer to think of ourselves as a family – each member dependent on every other member’s commitment and work ethic. After all, it is what has made this company the wonderful success it is today.

Whether management or “worker bees”, staff members are passionate about the Beauty Industry. For instance, our Area Managers are not Sales Representatives who drop products and go. All of them are qualified somatologists. Always focused on keeping the customer satisfied, they have an in-depth understanding of every product they sell.

Area Managers

Adri Maritz
Jhb North, Jhb West, Lenasia, Vaal Triangle and Sasolburg

Andrea Shaftoe
Jhb East, Jhb South, Heidelburg, Secunda, Delmas, Witbank and Middelburg

Marliza le Roux
Entire Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Hartebeespoort, Brits and Cullinan

Accredited Agents

Beautiquip CC
(T) 031 312 4962/3
(F) 031 303 9219

Cosmetique Distributors
Port Elizabeth
(T) 041 581 8106
(F) 041 581 0052

Logica Beauty Suppliers
Cape Town
(T) 021 552 6999
(F) 021 555 3906

Nov-U Trust
(T) 082 563 8969
(F) 086 238 2086

(T) 013 741 2553
(F) 086 667 5545

(Accredited Agents reserve the right to add 5% to all prices to cover courier costs)

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